The only platform that combines search, RFP Creation, Contract Management, and Data Intelligence in the same product.

Vindow is able to compare hotels at a granular level based on the knowledge created by its algorithms. That knowledge is also used to make recommendations tailored to the user’s behavior.

Vindow Bid Intelligence algorithm provides real time feedback, allowing our clients to make more educated decisions with full transparency.

The Volume of Data: Access to data from millions of client’s reviews.

Unique Data Intelligence: Vindow uses AI techniques such as sentiment analysis, topic extraction, and natural language processing.

Vindow Parameter Scoring: We have created a unique industry score by processing and categorizing millions of reviews. Vindow uses 10 categories to rank hotels in which we have applied industry preferences allowing users to review hotels based on relevant feedback.

Hotel Similarities: Using the individual scores as a baseline, Vindow is able to detect similarities between hotels which are many times missed by humans, improving the hotel selection process.

Pricing Forecast: Predicting market performance with high levels of accuracy.

Market Knowledge is Power: Better negotiations come from understanding hospitality industry drivers.

Vindow Innovation

Our statistical indicator uniquely rates a property based on multiple data sets.

The scoring methodology combines the existing ratings across dozens of travel websites worldwide with sophisticated deep learning algorithms that extract intelligence from hotel reviews at a very granular level. In that sense, the score expands the static rating model in travel websites with the intelligence expressed in hotel reviews.

We provide market insight including hotel rate trends, ADR and occupancy forecasting, city news and events, economic drivers and hotel reviews, all in one source.