What is Vindow?

Increase Revenue, Conquer Contracts, Source Smarter

Vindow is the world’s first AI-powered solution providing hoteliers and procurement professionals with the ability to directly connect with each other while offering insights into market conditions, and rate trends allowing them to obtain the best deals for their business. Manage the RFP lifecycle from lead to contracting all in one platform.

Our Story

A Pioneer & Leader in the Travel Market

When we first started in 2017, it was clear to us that there were major inefficiencies in the procurement process from traditional and interruptive crew accommodations procedures. Due to supply chain complexities within the aviation industry, procurement professionals experienced constant challenges in sourcing hotels and ended up overpaying for company lodging as well as finding themselves stuck in the convoluted contract negotiation process. Meanwhile, hoteliers found it difficult to fulfill revenue goals associated to their base business. Procurement professionals needed better tools to streamline their workload and hoteliers needed a way to reach their buyers effectively.

Our drive to create a platform that provided solutions to these challenges transformed into Vindow, an all-encompassing 3-in-1 platform that gives buyers the market knowledge to execute better RFPs. This tool would offer airlines opportunities to save on hotel costs while providing full visibility and better management of their hotel portfolio, as well as creating an efficient and transparent process for hotels to manage RFPs.

Since then, we’ve grown from a procurement manager with a bold idea to revolutionizing the travel market. From our inception, Vindow has completed hundreds of transactions for buyers and suppliers to obtain better, mutually beneficial contract deals.

Our Mission

To connect the buyer with the supplier to simplify and bring transparency to the procurement process using the latest technologies

Our Vision

To lead the way in hotel sourcing solutions powered by AI and market intel data.

Our People

Smart, honest and dedicated team with a passion for providing innovative technology solutions to simplify the sourcing and contracting process.

Our Leaders

World-class leadership, empowering women in tech with a collective of 15+ years of experience.


100% Transparency

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Be Extraordinary

Providing a marketplace where buyers can obtain insight into market trends, access to suppliers that meet specific criteria, select vendors using powerful analytics and manage contracts efficiently.